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The Power of One

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Ask yourself the question… Do you think you can make a difference?

I read this on Twitter this week, it’s a quote from "The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People" by David Niven.

It made me think about the impact that one person can have, and that we can make an impact both good and bad, whether we intend it or not, or believe it or not.

Ask yourself the question… Do you think you can make a difference?

I asked a few people and only a couple immediately replied yes, some asked me for clarification, in what sense and what area of life, and some said no.  My answer was yes, I think I can make a difference, I have no hesitation in saying this, nor do I require any clarification on what area of life I can make a difference in.

I thought about why one person would say yes and another say no.  Could it be experience in a job role, education, training, family values or your circle of friends?  The truth is that I think all of these factors play a part, but they are not the key driver, I concluded that this came down to ‘belief’.

It is no coincidence that self-belief is listed as one of the top characteristics of the most successful leaders.  When you believe in something, you have the confidence to move forward and inspire others to move with you.  This applies in all areas of life, from the smallest act of kindness, recycling your waste, or a significant business change.

We all make conscious and unconscious differences to people, home, organisations, and the world in some way every day.  If we can make a difference without even thinking about it, then imagine the difference one person can make when they do think about it… it’s quite a force that we all have within us.

ONE person, ONE idea, ONE belief to inspire ONE more person

That’s all it takes to create a ripple effect that can affect change and impact thousands of people and generations to come. 

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