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Ideas Come from Everywhere

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Alfred Hitchcock (and my wise friend) once said “ideas come from everywhere”.

I’ve had a few light-bulb moments recently, I’ve hit upon some great ideas and have been able to communicate them effectively enough to be in a position to try them out.

I’m always intrigued by the response you may get when you hit that light-bulb moment and you begin to communicate it.  In the main I’ve found that responses can sit at either end of the scale… Excited or disappointed.

Having experienced both responses of late, despite the idea being taken as good, I’ve had to think… Why the disappointment?

I talked this over with my friend a few days ago and he said this to me, Ideas come from everywhere”.

This was a very good point to make and gave me a new perspective.  Ideas do not just appear from the ether, it may feel like that at times, especially at that light-bulb moment, but it is not the case.  The greatest ideas will be a collection of influences from a wide variety of sources that have been gathered both consciously and unconsciously over time, they are formed iteratively, layer upon layer and will continue to evolve infinitely.

This is where the disappointment can creep in, because there could be one or any number of others who were close to that light-bulb moment.  The difference comes down to the individual, and their thought process vs the unique set of influences they will have encountered.  Based on this, there will always be one person who suddenly just gets it.

It made me realise that the disappointment is not a negative, it’s just a short lived human reaction that we should empathise with.  Everyone will have a light-bulb moment, it won’t always be you.

The light-bulb moment is a great thing and one to celebrate, maintain the excitement it can bring to you and your team by recognising the contribution of others and be thoughtful in your communication process.

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