• Yasmin Hurst

Enjoy the Journey

I believe in moving forward and doing the best we can each day to work towards our goals and dreams, whether that be in our personal or professional lives. It’s a challenge! Most people and organisations tend to focus more on the destination, almost disregarding the journey altogether. When we view things in this way, we are in a rush to reach our goal and challenges become obstacles and our enthusiasm wanes.

If we are not careful about our intentions, we can miss out on all the exciting stuff along the way and aiming for a big target can become unsatisfying.

Embrace challenges, risks and mistakes

Change your approach to what constitutes as achievement. I am not saying that reaching your goal is not important and immensely satisfying, I am saying ‘make more of it’ and ‘take more from it’. Stop to smell the roses, celebrate the small steps, and overcome the obstacles with patience and learn from them.

Appreciate the victories

As long as you are moving in the right direction the victories will come, it is up to you to recognise them and savour them, for yourself, your team and your organisation. This approach will boost enthusiasm, a sense of achievement, and mental well-being when the journey is long. It goes a long way to creating a happy and positive working environment.

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