• Yasmin Hurst

Employee Appreciation - Show Them Some Love

It’s a perfect day to show that you care but showing the love is not just for Valentines Day. No one-off show of love will be enough if you are ignored the rest of the year, employee appreciation requires a strategy, and consistent behaviour towards all.

All employees want to feel appreciated, when we feel appreciated, we feel a greater sense of well-being both inside and outside of the workplace, and this motivates us to work harder and achieve more. It’s a Win-Win. Despite the benefits many managers still struggle to recognise the effort and achievement of their employees.

A Simple ‘Thank You’

It doesn’t always need to be a grand hearts and flowers gesture, even A SIMPLE THANK YOU can be enough to show your employees that their hard work is acknowledged.

Communication is Key

Like any good relationship, communication is key to ensuring that people feel valued and appreciated. MAKE TIME for one and other. Get that next one-to-one meeting in the diary and work harder to understand your employee’s issues, hopes and expectations.

Celebrate Success

Don’t shy away from delivering praise at any level, whether this be individual, team or company wide praise. Celebrating success is such a powerful tool when it comes to boosting employee engagement and raising moral, and we have so many platforms to do this from since the introduction of both internal and external messaging media. Give your employees a shout-out on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram today, I can bet it would top the feeling that most valentines card will get today.

Your employees are your greatest asset, their well-being, passion and engagement impacts the bottom line. Value each and every one of them. Without love they are more likely to find their need to feel valued elsewhere.

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