• Yasmin Hurst

Bring Yourself to Work

I’m a big fan of ‘bringing yourself to work’, I am a firm believer in just being me and allowing my personality to shine. I have always been of the opinion that any one of us can gain a qualification to add to our CV, without bringing our personalities into the equation we would all be carbon copies of each other, delivering textbook solutions from business to business.

I am not a Chameleon

This is not to say that I can not adapt, grow or change. I do all these things and continue to be myself and bring my personality to the workplace. It is my interpretation of information, my style of communication and delivery, my inquisitive nature, my tenacity, my smile… I could go on, but what I’m trying to say is that it is ‘me’ and everything that is ‘me’ that so often gives something the edge.

Why have multiple personalities?

On the eve of the general election it has made me think about this. After endless coverage and debate, I still feel that I don’t know who our politicians are. They are Chameleons trying to be whatever their opposition isn’t, and they have all lost themselves in the process. Whatever our opinion of historic leaders such as Churchill and Thatcher, I am sure that we all agree that they had personality, grit, and the courage to follow their convictions even if we didn’t all agree with them.

Being a leader does not mean that

you must be perfect

The greatest leaders and innovators do not try to be everything to everyone. They are comfortable with who they are and are willing to learn and grow from successes, failures, colleagues, friends and family. Their starting point will never be perfection, just an open mind and willingness to aim for it.

Just Be Yourself

It sounds simple doesn’t it? But I come across so many talented people who feel they need to change to fit a culture, a team, or a project they would like to be part of. The problem with this is that you conceal your inner beliefs and your behaviour will no longer be authentic. It seems the fear of being ‘you’ is real, and we so often miss out on that extra special something within someone, because people believe that they need to be something other than themselves.

Bring yourself to work and you will find your fit, it will make a difference!

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