'Festina Lente'


'Make Haste Slowly'

In this fast paced evolving world, we are constantly under pressure to be better, smarter and more efficient.  In the rush to find our optimal performance and strategy it is easy to lose sight of what is important, and we can lose the hearts and minds of the people we need to make our plan a success.

I have managed many projects and change initiatives over the years, and despite the pressure to 'make change fast' I so often come back to this saying.

In practice I favour the principles of Kotter's change management theory, this approach encourages the time needed to find the balance between urgency and diligence, without losing focus on the objectives or the people involved.

I have predominantly worked within senior management teams to provide change leadership and ensure that the benefits of the Change Programme are successfully balanced, promoted and aligned to the wider business strategy.

Projects include:

  • Software design and implementation

  • IT system migration

  • CRM implementation

  • Website design and implementation

  • Build projects

  • Brand re-launch

  • Business process re-engineering

  • Organisational restructure

In more recent years I have  maximised the use of technology within projects to  bring greater efficiencies both internally and externally, and have increased customer engagement wherever possible through smarter and easier methods of contact, this has included bespoke software design.

I am comfortable working in a variety of business sectors and am happy to discuss any project regardless of scope or scale.  If you would like an informal chat or an opportunity to meet up to discuss your requirements please